Stud book number – life time qualified for Crufts

RCC Ladies Kennel Association 2019 (Anne Taylor)

Res MLD Crufts 2019 (Patricia Harrison) 

 3rd UGD Crufts 2017 (Sheelin Cuthbert)

HD: 6 – 3 (UK)

 AD: 0 (UK) 

Bærer brunt

Øyne: intet påvist 15/4-21

PRA-prcd: Fri


EIC: Fri

CNM: Fri


LKA 2019 – Mid Limit Dog:

1.Litherland’s Oakhouse Oh Two. Medium size black who is maturing into a really nice dog. Lovely typical Lab, definitely no exaggerations here. Loved his head and expression, one of the best here today, he looks at you in an intelligent yet gentle way, NOT huffing and puffing with flying ears. He is balanced and is well angulated front and rear. Coat is dense with a definite under and topcoat. Good reach of neck, firm topline, well sprung in rib, tail set and carriage just right. Nicely boned legs and compact feet. Strong quarters with good moderate turn of stifle and well let down hock and a good length of rear pastern. His movement is very good, especially in profile. This dog is easily good enough to make up, today just beaten on finish and a dog who really excels in movement and was spot on today. Good luck with him. RCC. (Anne Taylor – Fabracken)

Henry er en britiskfødt hannhund som kom til oss og Norge i juni 2021. Vi er svært takknemlige overfor oppdretter Mrs Margaret Litherland som har vist oss denne tilliten!